An introduction in 100 words

My educational background is in cognitive science, which is basically the study of human cognitive capabilities and limitations.

On the one hand, I use that background to help design and evaluate the interfaces that mediate all our interactions with the world around us: the technology we use, the environments in which we operate, the tasks we perform, and even the people with whom we interact.

On the other, I use my training in experimentation and measurement both to evaluate those interfaces, and to see how (and whether) people use the products behind them.

A summary of my background is below. For more details, you are welcome to view my CV, or read about my design approach and some of my more interesting projects.




current position
Experience Designer at Yara, an agricultural company

work experience
over 10 years working with software, hardware, and system interfaces in a variety of domains, including agriculture, finance, telecommunications, crisis management, aviation, military, and enterprise

design thinking, UX design (specialties in usability, user research, human factors, and interaction design), human-computer interaction, experimentation and evaluation, pretotyping

doctorate in cognitive psychology

innovation methods, collaboration and communication tools, usage analytics, social media, training and decision support

international experience
American citizen, permanent resident of Norway, worked on multinational projects with teams in Europe and Scandinavia